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10 Best Programming Languages for AI Development

Java is probably one of the most popular languages at the moment, and it is not surprising considering the number of virtues it offers. However, you should still be aware of the potential drawbacks of the language. JavaScript is also blessed with loads of support from programmers and whole communities.

Though commercial applications rarely use this language, with its core use in expert systems, theorem proving, type systems, and automated planning, Prolog is set to bounce back in 2022. R has integrated data and graph modeling support that allows developers to work on Deep Learning in a practical and agile way. In addition, C++ allows the use of extensive algorithms and is considerably effective in the use of statistical techniques for AI which puts it above other languages in this feature alone.


While Julia does not come with a large community or support, it offers many high-end features for top-notch AI development. When it comes to handling data analysis and numbers, Julia is the best development tool. Deploying a powerful AI requires an extraordinary team of engineers.

best programming language for ai

Additionally, it has a vast following of users with an active support base. Java is a highly popular programming language with distinct qualities required for a successful AI development process. It is an object-oriented language with straightforward debugging and syntax. This programming language has an exemplary track record for delivering exceptional mobile apps, software, and AI development. React is a good programming language choice for AI development because it’s easy to learn, and you can use it to create front-end components and user interfaces for any platform or device. C++ is a powerful programming language that facilitates object-oriented programming and is growing in popularity in ML.

The Best Programming Languages for AI

The Deeplearning4j GitHub provides a variety of examples of how the library operates and how to start coding using its tools. The examples page showcases many implementations of the library, from training a neural network to remember a string of characters, to deciphering captchas. The library shows the depth of what you can achieve when using Java for AI development. The next step is to consider the amount and type of data that you’re processing using AI. Artificial intelligence algorithms are powerful, but they’re not magical. If poor-quality data is fed into the system, it’s unlikely to produce the desired results.

  • The origin of Artificial Intelligence (AI) dates way back in time.
  • Java is gaining popularity among AI programmers due to its versatility, ease of use, and extensive support.
  • It ultimately comes down to the specific requirements of your project and your own personal preferences as a developer.
  • And the first one is to pick one of the numerous programming languages for AI.
  • Developing mastery of Python’s vast array of libraries can take months or years.
  • This library supports multiple programming languages, including C++, and it’s one of the largest machine learning and computer vision libraries available.

It is a statically typed language which means type errors don’t appear during runtime. C++ also offers dynamic load balancing, adaptive caching, memory management and a host of other features that make it a highly favoured AI programming language. Java is one of the most popular
programming languages in the world. You can use Java for developing machine learning algorithms,
deep learning frameworks, and other tools.


Some successful projects made with Lisp are Routinic, Grammarly, and DART. Though it has its drawbacks, Lisp is still a promising programming language for AI development. It was developed in the 1960s and has always been an adaptable and smart language. If your project requires modification of code, problem-solving, rapid prototyping, or dynamic development, Lisp is for you.

Will AI replace programmers?

While AI will certainly have an impact on the field of software engineering, it's unlikely to replace human developers altogether. Instead, AI will complement human skills and help to improve software quality and productivity.

Here are the most popular languages used in AI development, along with their key features. As it turns out, there’s only a small number of programming languages for AI that are commonly used. The graduate in MS Computer Science from the well known CS hub, aka Silicon Valley, is also an editor of the website.

The best programming language for AI

We also have LISP to thank for the very first artificial intelligence chatbot, and eCommerce businesses continue to use this application for chatbots. LISP works perfectly for artificial intelligence projects that are heavy on ML because of its rapid prototyping capability and its automatic garbage collection feature. Deep learning is a subfield of ML that goes beyond basic machine learning in an attempt to mimic the workings of neural networks in our brains. Neural networks are critical to computers making decisions similar to human decisions. It is a logical language that significantly varies from common AI languages.

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Another AI-focused codebase can be found on TensorFlow — a large, open-source machine learning library developed by Google. This intuitive library helps programmers build and train machine learning models quickly best programming language for ai and easily, allowing developers to research and test out new ML implementations. It is easy to learn, has a large community of developers, and has an extensive collection of frameworks, libraries, and codebases.

C++ Programming Language

To become a machine learning engineer, you need to know more than the basics of machine learning. Saying that, there is no need to learn all, or even a handful, of the existing programming languages. Most engineers in the field of machine learning focus on developing programming skills in one or maybe two programming languages and become experts in those.

  • Rust is also suitable for machine learning because you can use it to write efficient code without sacrificing safety or performance.
  • First, LISP can run code in more than 30 programming languages, making it an excellent choice for code readability.
  • However, the lack of support might delay the AI development process.
  • Most AI development involves extensive data analysis which is why R is a powerful AI programming language that is used widely in domains such as finance, medicine, sociology and more.
  • The course will teach you how to code in R and how to use R to data analysis.
  • Artificial intelligence is a game-changing technology for the market.

Conceived in 2009 at MIT, Julia aimed to fix some of these problems. Below, we’ll cover the top options for learning AI-focused programming, as well as the best languages to learn for AI development. Choosing the right language can help you get a leg up in this quickly growing field, but many people struggle with where to begin. However, getting a start now can help you ride the waves of change into the future. To help you plan your studies, we’ve analyzed the major programming languages and identified those which are best suited for artificial intelligence development. As you read, keep in mind that AI is still a relatively new innovation, so what’s considered the industry standard in programming today could change over the next few years.

AI Programming With Julia

Prolog is also used for natural language processing and knowledge representation. Now that you know about the various languages, do you need clarification about what is the best programming language for AI? Programming languages for AI include Haskell, Java, Python, Julia, and Lisp.

best programming language for ai

Indeed, most multinational corporations cannot survive in this era without AI due to its impact and applicability in their daily operations. AI developers are responsible for creating new algorithms that can be used in these various industries. They also use their knowledge to improve existing software programs to better understand how people think and behave. When reading the above, you might think that lisp programming language is all about drawbacks. However, it is still a range of advantages, so before making a decision, we recommend getting familiar with the pros and cons of the lisp language. Python IDE is very diverse, but it is not the only advantage that attracts users to the language.

Top 12 the best artificial intelligence programming languages

The syntax of Rust is similar to C++ but the former also offers memory safety and prevents garbage collection. Java almost always ranks second after Python as the best language for AI. Its best quality makes it one of the top candidates for AI development, such as easy debugging and simple syntax. Furthermore, Java offers excellent production value, smooth integration, quick execution, and fast runtimes, all of which AI requires.

best programming language for ai

A LinkedIn group of R users has more than 40,000 members, all speaking to the popularity and usability of this tool. Plus, you do not need to be a fully fledge programmer to use it. Basic programming skills are enough to help you access R for data analytics or data mining, for example. Java programming is one of the most common fields at the moment, and if you ask developers across the world what is the most popular language, they will surely name Oracle Java.

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Rust provides performance, speed, security, and concurrency to software development. With expanded use in industry and massive systems, Rust has become one of most popular programming languages for AI. C++ is a popular programming language known and loved for its speed and efficiency. It executes code quickly, making it an excellent choice for machine learning and neural network applications.

Should I learn Python or C++ for machine learning?

C++ is a compiled language that offers several benefits over Python for machine learning, such as speed and memory management. C++ code executes faster than Python code, making it suitable for applications that require high-performance computing.